ElitePro 300 FLA001

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There's a lot more to a good flash head than its performance and price - the other things that really matter are build quality and structural strength, because flash heads need to be able to withstand knocks and to be capable of being packed away and transported without damage. The bodies of these flash heads are made from ABS, which provides far better protection than the cast metal bodies used by some other manufacturers, they also have powerful shock resistant cooling fans!

The 300 Ws mono flash head produces at least as much light during its very short flash exposure as 300 watts of continuous lighting would produce during a 1 second exposure. Fitted with the standard reflector (not included) it produces a guide number of 162 (equivalent to f/16.2 @ 10’ at 100 ISO) which is ideal for portrait, glamour, fashion, event and many types of Edit Product photography.

But good studio lights produce far more than just power. The power needs to be capable of fine control, and the flash head needs to accept a wide range of light shaping tools and modifiers, as well as to produce clean, consistent light quality at all power settings.

Another, very important factor is flash duration, because fast flash duration not only freezes movement but also produces very consistent colour temperature. The flash duration of the ElitePro 300 is a staggering 1/2000th second (t-05), far faster than any similar Edit Product on the market!

It also has stepless adjustment over a 5-stop range, allowing a wide choice of aperture settings, it has extremely accurate power consistency and colour temperature consistency, full power recycling of only 1 second and it accepts all of the vast range of light shaping tools and modifiers produced in the very popular Bowens ‘S’ fitting.

The flash tube is extremely unlikely to fail, but it's good to know that all Lencarta flashtubes are available at very reasonable prices and are user changeable.


Stepless power adjustment over 5 stops 
Slave sensor on/off 
Modelling light on/off 
Modelling light can also be set to proportional power, matching the power setting of the flash 
Recharge ready beep on/off 
Modelling light on/off during recharging (lamp can be set to switch off as soon as the flash is fired. It then switches on again as soon as it is ready to fire again) The illuminated display also dims during recharging 
Test/open flash button

Technical Specifications

Voltage: 200-250V (adjusts automatically) 
Fan cooled: Yes (can be used all day every day if required without danger of overheating) 
Maximum light output (with standard reflector, ISO 100, measured at 1 metre) f/45.3 
Modelling lamp: 250 Watt Halostar. Can be turned off if required 
Recycling speed: 1 second at full power 
Output consistency: +- 0.1 EV (1/10th stop) 
Colour temperature consistency: 5200-5500K 
Slave sensor: Yes, can be switched off if required 
Umbrella fitting: Yes, any make or type of umbrella can be used 
Synch voltage less than 5 volts (safe with any camera) 
Weight: 2.7kg (not including reflector) 
Flash duration (t.5) 1/2000th sec 
Trigger methods: Radio trigger, infra red, synch cable

Please note that theseflash heads are supplied WITHOUT a reflector. Please choose a reflector, if required, from our light shapers page. The standard reflector is the best choice for most people.

Each flash head also includes:
1 x protective head cap
1 x 250 watt modelling lamp
1 x mains lead (with UK plug)
1 x synch cable 

Diameter: 13.3 cm
Length: 35 cm
Weight: 2.6 Kg

Technical specifications

Condition New

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